Spicool Aesthetica Scalp Cool Temper Intension Essence

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Spicool Aesthetica Scalp Cool Temper Intension Essence
  • Manages scalp and hair at the same time as well as hair loss care
  • Delivers effective ingredients through capillary tube of spicule, which is porosity material 100% harmless to human body due to being a natural substance
  • Spicule ingredient in the form of fine needles helps to clean the wastes deep in scalp pores and to deliver nutrients
  • Contains 63% of natural ingredients
  • Allows damaged hair to retain and protects proteins through Self Adjusting System and Protective Colloid Effect, while increasing tensile strength to minimize hair loss.
  • Used Hydrated collagen and low molecular keratin : Excellent affination with hair and skin
  • Delivers low molecular proteins deep into the hair
  • FREE AMINO ACID increases : Combined amount of hair and moisture improves Flexibility increases
  • It is designed that micro-needles primarily absorbs the ingredients effectively, and absorbed essence is delivered deep into the scalp through the spicules thinner than hair